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How to show love & kindness everyday

Happy Valentines Day! Whether you're celebrating the holiday or not, I hope that you feel loved and know you are valued today. I love Valentine's Day and always have, single or in a relationship, because I just love love! haha This day always reminds me of how important it is to show grace EVERYDAY and give kindness and love to EVERYONE. A sweet letter and chocolates on this holiday makes me feel like the most special girl and sending cards and small gifts to others brings joy to my heart so why not feel this way everyday! I have put together a list of ways to spread kindness and love, not only on Valentines Day, but all throughout the year!

  • Pay for the order of the person in front of you - A perfect way to show a random act of kindness to a total stranger.

  • Send mail - I love receiving packages, cards, or flowers in the mail. It's such a nice surprise to brighten the day!

  • Smile - Something as simple as a smile to a person passing by can totally change their mood as well as yours.

  • Give a compliment - An instant mood booster for anyone.

  • Send someone a cup of coffee - The Nack app allows you to send someone a cup of coffee no matter the distance.

  • Pick up the phone and give someone a call - Texting and email have made communicating simple and fast but there's something special about picking up the phone for a conversation.

  • Leave a basket of snacks & drinks for delivery drivers - These employees work hard to deliver all of our packages and deserve a quick pick me up!

  • Volunteer - Sign up to help with the community or offer to babysit for a busy mom for free to give her time for herself.

  • Leave an extra tip - Waiters and waitresses are struggling more than ever so an extra tip with dinner service could go a long way.

  • Donate - Clear out your closet and home of any items that someone else could use or donate blood for the community!

I hope you feel encouraged to show kindness and love everyday. Let me know how you like to make someone's day or if you have done one of these things before!

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