• Morgan Sharlin

Meet Miss Leyla May

Prepare yourself for all the puppy spam because today I am introducing my sweet little Leyla May! I'm one proud (dog) mom and of course I think she is the most perfect and special fur baby out there.😉 Our lives just wouldn't be the same without dogs and I don't know what we did to deserve such amazing creatures.

Leyla May is a 12 pound, full bred Boston Terrier. She turned one a few months ago in June and is full grown. Boston Terriers typically range in size from 15-30 pounds so we like to think of her as our "little runt". She is full of energy AND sass. Whoever said dogs aren't smart is so wrong because Leyla knows how to get what she wants when she wants it! haha

My husband and I both grew up with Boston Terriers so we knew one day we would have one of our own together. After celebrating our one year wedding anniversary we decided it was time to grow our little family by four paws. We began our search online and hunted for months to find a local breeder. We found a litter that was born in a town about 4 hours away from us and contacted the owner Tammy immediately with a million questions. She and her husband were so kind and sent us pictures of the litter so we could pick out our little baby.

As we patiently waited for our puppy to be 10 weeks and ready to go home, a hurricane was forming in the Atlantic. Our breeder informed us that the puppies had all been picked up a week early due to the storm and Leyla was the last one left! We couldn't stand the thought of her being alone so the next day we headed out on a road trip to pick her up and our life has never been better.

Since that day so much has happened. Leyla has gone on countless road trips with us, from Florida to Pennsylvania to Georgia and South Carolina. She has moved with us from Virgina to Florida and now to Charleston. We have played fetch, went on walks, swam in the ocean, and even snuck her into a hotel in a duffel bag! She grew from 3 pounds to 12 and brought endless wet kisses and warm snuggles. Looking down at Leyla, curled in my lap as I write this, I can't help but think I would do anything for this little pup. And to think we hold this much love for our dogs......I can only imagine how we will feel when we have a little baby running around with her one day.

Mom and dad love you Leyla May


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