• Morgan Sharlin

Rainy day fun

Snuggled up on the couch with a blanket, my hubby, and pup is where you will find me on most cloudy and rainy days. However, we've had quite a few drizzly days here in Charleston recently so I decided it would be fun to share some of our other favorite rainy day activities that have kept us entertained!

Most people spend their rainy days indoors (duh) so take advantage of the empty city and get out and explore! Grab your favorite rain boots, an umbrella and go for an adventure. You'll see empty streets that are usually lined with traffic and buildings that are normally muffled by the chatter of tourists. Enjoy the quiet of the city and the peaceful rainfall. Maybe even try out a new coffee shop or lunch spot.

*linking my favorite rain gear below

I love a good sweet treat and what a better time to make one on your own! Break out all your baking supplies that get forgotten about and try out a new recipe. Browse through Pinterest for inspiration and get to baking. One of my favorite things to make are Toll House chocolate chip cookies. I'll link the recipe here. Another favorite are molten lave cakes which are sure to satisfy any chocolate craving. That recipe can be found here.

Grab a glass of wine, your favorite lounge wear and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie or favorite TV series. Nothing beats a lazy, rainy day with no plans. I've been on a Netflix kick here lately and have found some really good shows that would be great for a dreary day. If you're into reality TV (my guilty pleasure) I recommend Selling Sunsets or Love is Blind. For more action and drama I really liked Schitt's Creek, Sweet Magnolias, and Outer Banks (filmed here in South Carolina).

I hope you feel inspired for your next rainy day! Enjoy friends


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